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Things You Need To Do Before 30

Author : Shanmukha Kotha

1. Learn French
It has been voted the sexiest language in the world.. So why not?

2. Learn Playing Drums
Because guitar & piano are too mainstream. And you will never play the drums to show off, it just pumps you up.

3. Go on a Road Trip to Goa
Coastline stretch, fishing villages, 16th century church and tropical spice tress. And road trip is the coolest way to travel to the Paradise.

4. Get a Tattoo 
Big or small, Stupid or Ugly, get yourself inked. But never get your love interest's name. It's just the stupidest thing you can do.

5. Dance in the Rain
Rain is the synonym of joy & Joy is the synonym of dance.

6. Learn to cook Italian Food
George Miller rightly said, "The trouble with Italian food is that two or three days later you're hungry again". The most spicy food and a variety of cuisine. Especially Margherita Pizza, Tiramisu, Bruschetta are a must learn recipes.

7. Go on a blind date with a stranger
Just to increase the excitement of a date. How cool would that be to meet a beautiful person over a coffee or dinner and then never see them again. The best way to etch a beautiful day in your memory. And if he/she feels the same then it would be even more awesome.

8. Make an artistic work
Everybody is artsy in their own way, in their own field and in their own style. Don't think to bring those works to life when your hair is grey and you are sitting down in the balcony in your pajamas with no tensions at all. Wine gets better with age but not thoughts and ideas. 

9. Fall in Love & Never let it go
Bring your search for the rightful princess of your life to an end, by finding that special one. That love you will never want to leave, you will ever want to possess, you are proud of, you can never live without.

10. Quit your job & Chase your passion
Never worry about money, Don't give a damn about what others think about you because at the end of the day it was your life. You will have a dream job if you are doing more than existing. Go for it and remember, if you not moving now, you will turn into a rock in the place you are standing and never ever can you go back to the time when you had the zeal and energy to achieve your goals - The Youth.