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Why is reading slower a better option?

No wonder we have our mind cluttered with a hell lot of things that might be useful or are of a trash to us. But mind is mind and its sole purpose is to think. But just imagine how much impact you might have on your thinking if you focused on one thought deeply and slowly! Same applies to reading also. There are uncountable number of book readers and book lovers across this world. But one thing to tell… If you had a quick time with your books – then you were wrong all the time.

Reading is something that enlightens everyone and slow reading is an art of its kind. Generally, it is a fashion amongst all the book readers to show how good they can read and mis-comprehend that a good reader reads fast. When asked any question, they give the gist of whatever they have read, but how much they truly understood in known only to them.
It is not uncommon to understand a situation if we analyze it with a calm mind. Same goes with reading. There are many benefits of reading slow and here are a few that I have experienced.

 - Deep and better understanding
 - Relaxed mind
 - Stress-free mind
 - Desire to know every word.

When we read slowly, we tend to understand the words and the meaning behind it better rather than reading quickly just for the sake of finishing the book. We dive deeper into the script, engross ourselves in the purpose of writing the book and live in each word of it.
Relaxed mind is what I call it because we have no worries of finishing it off as soon as possible. We have all the time in the world and that book is the best friend we can ever have.
Stress-free time means our mind has no external pressure because a book is after all a source of relaxation and haste isn’t the side of the coin here. This also increases the concentration levels and it indirectly enriches our listening skills also.
When you want to, you will.. Therefore, if you want to know every word here, you will. This will enhance your vocabulary thereby elevating your concentration levels.

Therefore, next time when you feel like reading quickly for the sake of a competition, think about it because the reality speaks another story.